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Hormone-dependent cancers


This research was conducted whilst I was undertaking my first post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Professor Ilpo Huhtaniemi at Imperial College London.

The aims were to:

1)    To understand how hormone-dependent cancers may be induced, and to design an immunotherapy for the treatment of ovarian granulosa cell tumors.

My role was to produce the recombinant human ZP3 protein used for the immunotherapy. This study lead to a peer-reviewed publication in Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB J October 5, 2011), which was subsequently evaluated as a must read (8) by Faculty 1000.

Pantarhei Bioscience Press release:Pantarhei Bioscience announces discovery of antigen (ZP3) as a treatment to combat ovarian cancer.

2)    Unravel the molecular mechanisms whereby ovarian hormones induce pituitary tumors.

My role in this study was to undertake cell based assays in order to observe the effect of estrogen, progesterone and a combination of the two hormones on cell proliferation. This study gives us a greater understanding of the potential deleterious effect of the progesterone component of the oral contraceptive pill, on the development of pituitary adenomas. We published our results in Endocrine Related Cancer.


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