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Published Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

1) Aleksic, D., Blaschke, L., Mißbach, S., Hänske, J., Weiß, W., Handler, J., Zimmermann, W., Cabrera-Sharp, V., Read, J.E., de Mestre, A.M., O’Riordan, R., Moore, T. and Kammerer, R. (2016) “Convergent evolution of pregnancy-specific glycoproteins in human and horse”, Reproduction. 2016 Sep;152(3):171-84.

2) Rose, B.V., Cabrera-Sharp, V., Firth, M.J., Barrelet, F.E., Bate, S., Cameron, I.J., Crabtree, J.R., Crowhurst, J., McGladdery, A.J., Neal, H., Pynn, J., Pynn, O.D., Smith, C., Wise, Z., Verheyen, K.L., Wathes, D.C. and de Mestre, A.M. (2016) “A method for isolating and culturing placental cells from failed early equine pregnancies”, Placenta. 2016 Feb;38:107-11.

3) Cabrera-Sharp, V., Richardson, S., Kowalski, A., Antczak, D., Cartwright, J., Muckherjee, A and de Mestre, A. M (2014) “SMAD1/5 signaling in the early equine placenta regulates trophoblast differentiation and chorionic gonadotropin secretion”, Endocrinology. 155(8):3054-64.

4) Cabrera-Sharp, V., Mirczuk, S. M., Sherville, E., Michael, A and Fowkes, R. C. (2013) “Regulation of glucocorticoid metabolism in the boar testis and caput epididymidis by the gonadotrophin-cAMP signalling pathway” Cell and Tissue Research. 352(3):751-60.

5) Walker, A. P., Fowkes, R. C., Saleh, F., Kim, S-H., Cabrera-Sharp, V., et al. and Bouloux, P-M. G. (2012) “Genetic analysis of NR0B1 in congenital adrenal hypoplasia patients: identification of a rare regulatory variant resulting in congenital adrenal hypoplasia and hypogonadal hypogonadism without testicular carcinoma in situ” Sexual Development, 6(6):284-91.

6) Krutskikh, A., Poliandri, A., Cabrera-Sharp, V., Dacheux, J. L., Poutanen, M. and Huhtaniemi, I. (2012) “Epididymal protein Rnase10 is required for post-testicular sperm maturation and male fertility”. FASEB J, 26(10): 4198–4209.

7) Rahman, N. A., Bennink, H. J., Chrusciel, M., Sharp, V., et al. and Huhtaniemi, I. (2012) “A novel treatment strategy for ovarian cancer based on immunization against zona pellucida protein (ZP) 3” FASEB J, 26 (1):324-33

8) Krutskikh, A., De Gendt, K., Sharp, V., Verhoeven, G., Poutanen, M. and Huhtaniemi I. (2011) “Targeted inactivation of the androgen receptor gene in murine proximal epididymis causes epithelial hypotrophy and obstructive azoospermia” Endocrinology, 152(2):689-96. 4.46 Impact factor.

9) Ahtiainen, P., Sharp, V., Rulli, S., Rivero-Muller, A., Mamaeva, V., Röyttä, M. and Huhtaniemi I (2010) ”Enhanced LH action in transgenic female mice expressing hCGβ subunit induces pituitary prolactinomas: the role of high progesterone levels” Endocrine Related Cancer, 17 (3) 611-21.

10) Sharp, V., Thurston, L. M., Fowkes, R. C. and Michael, A. E. (2009) “Expression and activities of 11βHSD enzymes in the testes and reproductive tracts of sexually immature male pigs” Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 115 98-106. 2.66 Impact factor.

11) Sharp, V., Thurston, L. M., Fowkes, R. C. and Michael, A. E. (2007) “11β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11βHSD) enzymes in the testis and male reproductive tract of the boar (Sus scrofa domestica) indicate local roles for glucocorticoids in male reproductive physiology” Reproduction, 134 473-482.


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